Please join me in reporting this Kickstarter.

This fundraising effort was launched under the guise of helping 9 year old Mackenzie Wilson prove her “mean older brothers wrong” and create a videogame. The Kickstarter got traction online and even Adobe chipped in and gave Mackenzie free access to their products for life. While this seems like a noble gesture for a parent to seek funding for the parents to help their child follow their dreams, a few alarming facts can be found through some quick internet research. While Destructoid already posted some of this already, here’s a recap of some of the info:

  1. The girl’s mother, Susan Wilson, is incredibly successful and wealthy already. While financial stability doesn’t always mean there is any less of a need, the fact that a wealthy person is getting $19,000 more than they asked for because they’re making a political statement undermines the work of real charities and projects on kickstarter and other websites. When there is real need for help in other areas of crowdfunding and charity, and this rich woman is pocketing almost 
  2. Using her kids in a “boys vs girls” plea for financial assistance. Exploiting the image of a 9 year old is already bad enough, but demonizing your own kids to make a quick buck is even worse. Publically shaming two of your children and exploiting another to get funding is NOT the way to go about this
  3. Advertises that she’s going around the Kickstarter age restriction
  4. Possible violation of Kickstart’s TOS for “fund my life” projects. The only thing getting funded is the camp and the education to make a game. The game itself is not being funded, therefore, this is an instance of “fund my life” rather than a “fund my project”.
  5. This woman already owns a site called for projects such as this. Why didn’t she use that?
  6. In the video posted for this project, Susan claims that one of the reasons her daughter needs help is because she “doesn’t want to be like this woman & ‘Sugar Daddy’ to become extinct as a life plan”. She accompanies this statement with a picture of an attractive woman with her arm around an old paunchy man. What type of message does this send to girls and women everywhere by saying “if other people don’t treat your life like a project and fund your hopes and dreams, you’re going to end up marry a rich ugly man”. Are all women suddenly “projects” if they want to break into a field dominated by mostly men? Without funding, Susan implies that her daughter will marry an old rich man instead of following her dreams. This is shameful behavior unbecoming of a mother. Imagine what type of message that sends to her daughter and young women everywhere.

Whether or not Susan Wilson is actually requesting the funding for this project, it needs to be reported and pulled down ASAP. People in the comments section are attributing the criticism of comments to “bad apples”, “internet trolls”, and “MRAs”, some even pledging more in “defense” of Susan Wilson. We can’t expect to educate everyone about how terrible this Kickstarter actually is, but we can work together to stop it.

This person might not even be Susan Wilson: it’s a very real possibility. There hasn’t been any videos posted with the family requesting any sort of funding, not even anything from Mackenzie. Both options: a con artist walking away with free money, or a rich successful Harvard graduate exploiting her children to walk away with free money, are equally frightening.

We got a girl a fluffy chicken, so I know Tumblr is capable of getting this scam shut down before it sets a terrible example for crowdfunding and women everywhere.


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